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Mid Atlantic Intergroup

Serving Philadelphia and the Tri-State Area (Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey)

Survivors of Incest Anonymous is a self-help, 12-Step support group of women and men, 18 years and older, who know, suspect, or wish to further explore that they are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

We define incest very broadly as overt or covert sexual abuse, initiated by a family member, extended family member or anyone that betrayed the child"s trust. Penetration is not necessary for the experience to count as incest. We believe we were affected by the abuse whether it occurred once or many times, since the damage is incurred immediately.

Incest survivors come from both sexes and all sexual orientations, all economic and social backgrounds, races, religions, and nationalities. It is not uncommon for incest survivors to wonder if the experience really happened or if they imagined it. What is important for us to realize is that children DO NOT, on their own, imagine situations of sexual arousal or violation. That information is NOT within a child’s realm of knowledge. As adults, if you think something happened, it probably did. The truth is shown by the emotions we feel as we try to remember and recover our truths.

There are no dues or fees. Everything that is said in a group meeting or member-to-member is held in strict confidence. We do not have any professional therapist working in our groups. SIA is not a replacement for therapy or any other professional service when needed.

Current perpetrators of child sexual abuse are not permitted in any SIA Meetings. There are other programs available for perpetration issues. Our best wishes to you in your recovery.

We recognize the courage it takes to reach out, whether or not you decide SIA is right for you. We believe that healing comes from using the tools of the SIA program, listening to each other’s stories, and sharing our experience, strength and hope. You are not alone and you are not to blame. Be gentle with yourself and the child or children within.

This site is intended to be a resource for survivors. It is great that you made it here and we hope it will be an ongoing resource for your recovery. Please note that SIA Philadelphia/Mid Atlantic Intergroup is not responsible for the references, links, or sites listed on this website, nor the content of their information. SIA Philadelphia/Mid Atlantic Intergroup is only responsible for the content you find here. self help 12 step program

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